Empowering you to become the strongest version of yourself

6ix Cycle began with the vision of bringing something different and fresh to the Toronto fitness scene. After realizing that they were no longer inspired by their Alberta oil and gas careers, Owners Julie and Sheldon knew they needed to make a change. Brought to Toronto by a twist of fate on an unrelated business trip, Julie found herself mulling over their idea to create an exciting new home for Toronto spin-lovers during post-work drinks with a colleague. Soon after, that idea became a reality and 6ix Cycle was born. 

It’s not about spin classes, it’s about so much more.  Our core values (Our 6IX) are built on: Community, Vitality, Passion, Transformation, Motivation and Strength. We provide our riders, our 6ix Squad, with a space to become the best possible versions of themselves. The spin bikes are merely an accessory for what will happen in the room, and the classes are a platform for people to let go of any outside stressors and focus on themselves for 50 minutes.

6ix Cycle is not your average spin class, it’s more like a Vegas night club with spin bikes conveniently situated in the room. Imagine: Low lights, Big Beats and one hell of a sweaty party.  Classes are friendly to all fitness levels, as each rider is in control of their own bike and can take breaks or scale back when needed.  We do everything to the beat of the music, which provides our riders with a gauge to help them measure progression from class to class with our first priority always being the safety of the rider.  The high energy classes allow you to push yourself a little further than you ever thought possible and walk out a little stronger than you were when you walked in.

Once you walk in the door at 6ix Cycle you immediately become a member of the 6ix Squad. No matter who you are, where you came from or where you hope to go, you are (and always will be) welcomed into our family. 


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