6ix House Rules

Work B**CH

Come prepared to work hard and get sweaty! We move through the class as a team, however, it is important that you listen to your body. If you need a break, reduce the tension and pedal slowly. Keep your feet moving at all times and stay with us in the room.


So Fresh & So Clean

We appreciate good hygiene and so do your fellow 6IX Squad members! Please wash your spin clothes (and yourself).



The energy in the room is important! If it's not your day (e.g. hungover AF) and you need to modify your ride, we ask that you respect the 6IX Squad and do so in the back row.



We start and finish our journey together. If you are unable to stay the full 50 minutes, we ask that you don't take the class. LATE ENTRY will NOT be PERMITTED.


Spin Shoes & Safety

Spin shoes are to be worn inside the spin room only. The clips make the concrete floors extra slippery and for your safety we ask that you remove your spin shoes before leaving the room (even if it's just to use the restroom).


Talk & Text

Just don't. This is your chance to let go of the outside world, leave your cellphone outside of the room and save the texts and social updates for after class. We also ask that you respect the 6IX Squad and keep the chit chat to a minimum inside the spin room. Enjoy the ride.


Shoes, towels & toiletries provided with your ride!

6ix Cycle Cancellation Policy

You may cancel reservations up to 6 hours prior to the scheduled start time of your enrolled class. Reservations cancelled after this period will not be issued a refund and will be charged for the class as a late cancellation fee.  Additionally, riders must be checked in at the front desk at least 5 minutes prior to class start times. If a rider has not checked in at that time, their spot in the class will be given away to the next rider on the waitlist. Late entry to class is not permitted.

Cancellation policy for Unlimited Passes

Please be advised that our cancellation policy still applies to our unlimited pass holders. If you have purchased a monthly unlimited pass, and cancel class outside of the allowable cancellation time period, you will be charged $15 for late cancelling and $20 for a NO SHOW.


6ix Cycle Waitlist Policy

If you have signed up for the wait list and get added to that class, 6IX Cycle will send you an email.  At this time, if you are unable to ride, it is your responsibility to cancel the class. If you receive the confirmation email within the cancellation window, it is your responsibility to call the studio and cancel. If you refrain from cancelling the class, a late penalty will be administered.